We are in constant development to make this a kick-ass server!
Please let us know how we can help you enjoy Living Auberean more as we work on additional content, bug fixes and quality of life enhancements
***** BREAKING NEWS *****
(we need one of those old style html scrolling tickers here, S#!t I used to know how to do that!)

There is a NPC named Tinkers Protector in Mayoi.
Tinkers Protector is in search of rare items.
If you go speak to him he will request an item.
If you are fortunate enough to find one bring it back to him
He will portal you to a Special Tinker Bot that has researched
The Art of Master Imbue's It seems to be 100%.
Take advantage of this Quest while it is in because when
It is gone it is gone.
Sorry he's gone now but I bet we'll see him again!

Living Auberean is a Asherons Call Emulator Server.
We are not a End of Retail Server.
We are not a Pure Custom Server.
What we are is a game server that provides
a lot of player convenience and 
we will
adopt all ACE team updates and add custom content we see fit.

We will not install things that we feel
will destroy the essence of the game.
Please remember that this is a game and the
people that are working to provide
this place for you to play do not get paid in
any way and are doing it because they
love the game and want to provide a safe
fun place for you to play. With that being
said if you find a bug please report it,
be nice about it abusing the ones that are
working to make this a great server will result in a ban.