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Alan Menken: God knows we couldn’t control how Disney marketing dealt with the movie, which was a parade with Quasimodo on everybody’s shoulders going, “Join the party.” [laughing]
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Don Hahn: In terms of what told the story better, one song was poetic, but the other was specific. “Outcasts” was very specific about Quasimodo. “Someday” was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

#BlackWidow is a throwback to cold dark global espionage thrillers but w/ a #Marvel twist. Though smaller in scale, it leaves an impact w/ impressive action set pieces, a strong and compassionate introspective story, and humorous spy family dynamics. Wish we got this sooner. backpack

More horror than you can handle. American Horror Stories premieres July 15 exclusively on #FXonHulu.

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Gary Trousdale: With Hunchback, there were a couple of people that said, “This is why I chose music as a career.” Alan and Stephen’s songs are so amazing, so that’s really something.

Stephen Schwartz: The fact that we were doing a piece set in a church allowed us to use all those elements of the Catholic mass, and for Alan to do all that wonderful choral music.

It would be easy to write this off as a cute take on Cinema Paradiso, but this semi-autobiographical film set in the Indian state of Gujarat where Nalin was raised, comes off as more of a pastoral fable. From the bucolic home where Samay and his family live, surrounded by nothing but tall grass and fields, to the film’s hazy focus on Samay’s home life and mischievous antics with his friends, Last Film Show feels as much an ode to cinema as it is to the bygone era in which Nalin came to fall in love with the art. It’s not just the movies that Nalin’s camera lavishes attention on, but every aspect of Samay’s life in this specific place in time (though namely, the vibrant, luscious food that Samay’s mother makes gets a lot of that attention).

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