Quality of Life Enhancements While we all love Asheron's Call there are some things that are simply annoying when it comes to this game. To make our life in Dereth better and easier following enhancements have been implemented in this server to make your everyday play experience a little better.


1. Portals portals portals

Town Network has been enhanced with 3 additional portals.




Wai Jhou

Ayan Baqur

Abandoned Mine (Subway)


Abandones Mine has been completely reworked to have the following portals instead of the default town portals from retail.

Portal Name


Portal Name


Jungle Shadows (Jungle Sub)

(Located at Subway drop)


Candeth Keep

(Located at first room)


Abayar's Laboratory


Mid Direlands Portal

37.1S, 66.0W


87.3S, 79.6W

Augmentation Realm


Ravenous Vault


Insatiable Vault

(125 Eaters)

Thrungus Hole


Black Death Catacombs


Creepy Canyons


Dark Design


Singularity Bore


Egg Orchard


Path of the Blind


Obsidian Rim

48.0S, 65.0W


Jungle Shadows has been also reworked in the same manner.

Portal Name


Portal Name


South Direlands

84.2S, 34.4W

The Colosseum


New Roulea




Crater Pathway


North Direlands

24.3N, 53.8W

Obsidian Rim

48.0S, 65.0W

Black Spawn Den

(Teth Version)

Beach Fort

75.9N, 49.0W

Vissidal Island



2. Pyreal Stacking

Pyreal stacks to 60,000 now, making selling and buying much more pleasant. However, if you are using vtank with autostack enabled you may see an error until vtank decides to ignore pyreals.


3. Level 1-6 Spells

Instead of having to track down all the scroll vendors or using the professors you can use Master Yado instead. Free level 1-6 spells for all schools. Turn off spell filters on your spellbook if you don't want to see all the scrolling. May want to turn down the sound volume too. Master Yado is located in Arwic in the house behind the spell professors. You will still have to loot or buy level 7 and 8 spells.


4. Vendors

There are quite a few vendors that have been added to make your life easier and to allow you to spend money. One of them is Morgan Hawkins who will sell you rare gems and level 8 spell components. They are pricey but will do in a pinch. Morgan is located in Candeth Keep (tree house) with the founders.


Salvage vendors have been added for most typically used salvages. As same as above the price may be a bit high but will do in a pinch. Salvages have a workmanship of 10 and the vendors are located in the new starter town Yanshi.


Yanshi weapon vendors will sell you no wield rended weapons good for starting characters. Melee weapons are sold by Nu Sha, missile weapons are sold by Ribusha Sennei, and mage wands are available from Master Sonji Pan by the tower. All these weapons are attuned and bonded, meaning that you'll never drop them but can't give them away either.


Captain Cheater will allow you to cheat by selling you hub quest items. Located conveniently inside the hub. He's judgmental but helpful.


World Boss Vendor sells you items for tailoring purpose. Do you want pre-patch GSA or Nexus armor look without having to farm endlessly for random loot? Better go out and hunt some world bosses then. New items will be added to this vendor as time goes on.


5. Prismatic Taper Pea

Did you start your mage with 10 strength? Of course you did. Master mages now sell prismatic tapers in pea form so that you're not over burdened with comps all the time. 50 tapers per pea.


6. Advocate Blessing (Buff Bot)

Are you tired of waiting in line for buff bots? You don't have to with Advocate Blessing buff machine. 3 hour level 7 buffs available instantly. Available in towns like Yanshi, Arwic, Ayan, etc.


7. Mule Booster

We end up having to create a lot of mule characters since we like to hoard in AC while things like armors and weapons are too heavy for a single level 5 character to carry. To reduce the number of mules needed a Mule Booster has been added in Yanshi to allow any mule to be boosted to a higher level and receive all mule related augs (5x burden aug + 1 pack slot aug) but lose all skills and skill credits as a trade off. This is a permanent change which cannot be undone so be careful not to use him with your main characters you will be playing with.