Starter Guide

Hello, welcome to Living Auberean.

There are a few tweaks available on this server which will allow you to speed through earlier levels. Please take a moment to review the available content if you wish to efficiently get yourself to a higher level. If you prefer to discover things on your own that is perfectly fine too, we are all here to enjoy the game at a pace we each prefer.


Combined Starter Towns

If you already created a character in Living Auberean you would have noticed that you didn't start at the starter town you have selected. We have made Yanshi the replacement for all 4 default starter towns to have a more central starting location. The other starter towns can also be attacked by the dangers out in Dereth so it would be a good idea to start here at a safe spot. Pathwarden has also been moved here so you don't have to worry about your starter gear.


Starter Gear

Speaking of starter gear Yanshi vendors will sell you a no-wield rended weapon so that you can have a reliable weapon from the start. Melee weapons are sold by Nu Sha, missile weapons are sold by Ribusha Sennei, and mage wands are available from Master Sonji Pan by the tower. All these weapons are attuned and bonded, meaning that you'll never drop them but can't give them away either. Price tag on these items are also bit high for those who are just starting out so perhaps this is where your friends or random strangers can lend you a hand.


Starting Your Adventure

Now that you have your gear sorted out you can start your adventure. Your first task will probably be trying to reach level 10 to access facility hub. You can kill a few monsters around Yanshi or you can talk to Dwennon to do the most boring quest available in the game. He has moved to Yanshi due to Holtburg being constantly pillaged by raiders.


Now that you are over level 10 you will likely head out to the facility hub to quickly do some quests or borrow a hub kit to skip said quests as such is AC tradition. For people looking for such shortcuts we made things a bit easier by adding a vendor which will sell you all the default facility hub quest items so that you can purchase what you need and hand in to the wardens as necessary. The prices are very reasonable and you may end up keeping a gear or two to use for yourself.


There is also an extended hub straight down the hall where you have the option of doing some of the more popular quests in AC such as Focusing Stone or Olthoi Armor for some extra XP on top of what you would normally get from the quests. There are no shortcuts to these quests aside from the conveniently placed portals so you'll have to work for them.


If you just want to get to 50 ASAP doing the Tusker Guard kill task is another AC rite of passage that many go through. To make this experience a bit easier a new dungeon has been added right by the kill task NPC at Lin. We recommend that you go in there as a group to not get overwhelmed by all the angry Tuskers.


Once you are over level 50 you will have no shortage of things to do. If you wish to continue questing additional hub is available in Arwic for higher level quests. Please check them out if you enjoy questing and grab some gold scarabs before you head to these wardens.


Other QoL Enhancements

(refer to for a more complete list)

Buff bots and portal bots were also a staple in AC. Rather than having actual characters perform these tasks we have added a dedicated NPC to provide quick buffs for adventurers on the go. These NPCs are available throughout popular towns in Dereth such as Yanshi, Arwic, Ayan, etc. The buffs are level 7 buffs which lasts 3 hours.


As for portal bots enhanced Town Network, old sub and jungle subs will be replacing their role in the game. Town Network has access to places like Ayan, Wai Jhou and old sub while old sub has portals to jungle sub, Candeth Keep and other popular dungeons that players typically used portal bots for. Whatever portals you can't find in TN or old sub will likely be at the bottom of jungle sub. You should go and check them out since you will be using them a lot.


Oh and last but not the least, you should stop by Master Yado in Arwic by the professors to pickup your free level 1-6 spells, saving you the hassle of tracking down all the low level vendors for the spells and allowing you to not get ripped off by the profs for those low tier spells. Enjoy your time at Living Auberean!