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Our Approach to Energy Transition Solutions

Energy transition is extraordinarily complex and will require new technologies and entirely new ways of thinking. But it will also require existing expertise and proven technologies. For example, a clean hydrogen hub is a new concept, but many of its components are not.

MasTec’s approach to energy transition is to serve our clients as a key connection piece in every phase of their project. We can function in this capacity by fully leveraging our team’s expertise in many of the categories that comprise energy transition projects, including wind, solar, power delivery, pipeline, and industrial process construction.

MasTec is ranked as one of the largest contractors in North America in these categories. In addition, we have delivered some of the largest biofuel plant projects in the United States and are actively delivering large-scale hydrogen and carbon capture projects.

Our Solution

MasTec takes early contractor involvement to a new level of support. We provide our clients access to dedicated engineering and preconstruction support experts during the project development stage and offer flexibility and scalability in project delivery. From construction management support to full engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) delivery, to self-performance of construction - MasTec scales and adapts to fit each client’s individual project needs.

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Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen has emerged as a critical enabler of the energy transition alongside electrification and renewable fuels. Produced using renewable energy, green hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier that can be used for long-term energy storage and to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors ranging from steelmaking to aviation.

MasTec has delivered more than 47 gigawatts worth of renewable energy projects and is one of the largest power delivery, pipeline, and industrial process contractors in North America. With expertise in every component of hydrogen hub projects, MasTec can help deliver projects from the conceptual stage through to full EPC and program delivery. We offer flexibility and scalability in our project delivery approach and adapt to meet the specific needs of your project.