MasTec | Infrastructure that Delivers Leading specialty contractor engineers, designs and constructs infrastructures for electric power generation and transmission, oil and natural gas pipelines, renewable energy facilities and wireless networks.
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Electric utility contractors: Substations and Switchyards

MasTec works with utilities, companies, cooperatives, and municipalities to successfully manage all phases of substation and switchyard construction. We have the resources and experience to deliver turnkey, ground-up solutions for alternating and direct-current stations (from 760kV and down), but are also adept at installing, testing and connecting prefabricated equipment.

As leaders in Smart Grid technology installation, MasTec is assisting utility companies to optimize their existing network of substations and switchyards to meet increasing power demands. MasTec upgrades and/or integrates new equipment to facilitate more efficient and reliable energy distribution through monitoring systems.

One of the major drivers in the development of new distribution systems is changing technologies, such as PLC controls and Solid State transformers. As a leader in the deployment of distribution automation equipment, MasTec is helping its customers stay abreast with evolving technologies.

Our experienced teams utilize cutting edge technologies and deep industry knowledge to design specifications and drawings, schedule projects, manage quality control and ultimately ensure the safety and success of each project we take on.


EPC Construction of Substations
  • Design

    Conventional and gas insulated

  • Civil Construction

    Site preparation, demolition and foundations

  • Structural Construction or Re-Build

    AC/DC Converter Stations

  • Equipment Installation

    Transformer installation, circuit switches and breakers, capacitor banks and reactors, switchgear and bus systems

  • Security Systems

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